Monday, August 25, 2008

Lining Your Soap Mold

This is a very informative video that helps demystify lining molds. (I still have trouble even with step by step instructions, but it's better than squishing the paper all flat and getting wrinkly soap...) I've watched it several times. She is very patient.

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Happy soaping!


Heidi said...

Good find Joanna! Lining molds is the one downside to making soap, but she makes it look a lot less complicated.

Joanna said...

Isn't she great?

Anonymous said...

Wow...did you read my mind from yesterday? I spent a long time looking at wood molds on eBay (dh thinks I've got a serious sickness), and was thinking I'd dread the whole lining thing if I got a wood mold. Sooo, thank you!!

sofia said...

great job.