Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Does My Car Define Me?

Good question. For way too long I have been a snob on so many levels. Have I been so shallow all my life that I compartmentalize everything and everyone?

\kəm-ˌpärt-ˈmen-tə-ˌlīz, ˌkäm-\
Function: transitive verb meaning: to separate into isolated compartments or categories

Yeah, it looks that way. It looks like I'm shallow.

I never wanted a minivan. Now I don't mind them so much because they make a lot of sense, but I still don't drive one. I'd much rather waste more gas and not hold as many people. I like having to open and close the door manually because I'd rather not slide the very convenient side door open on the minivan I don't own with my handy dandy remote key controller.

I look better driving my truck, face it. So. My question to me. To you. Is... is your vehicle a defining factor or is it just "practical"? I sort of said before, the ease of driving a minivan far exceeds the coolness of driving my 2002 Explorer truck, but I have noticed way too many boring cars in the parking lots these days. Where are the Chevelles, Chargers, Challengers, International Scouts, TR6's... You see, I like muscle cars and cool convertible trucks (old Scout) what can I say? So are the cars defining who drives them, even a little?

Rationally I say, of course not. What I look like doesn't tell anyone who I am. It should be the same way with cars, food, clothes, but when I see a steaming mullet or worse, I can't help but think, "what are they thinking?"

If you want to see more on mullets, go here to: Cut Mullet Sell Fireworks


Holly said...

Ok, that picture is disturbing! :)
We gave up a Dodge Ram (sweet truck) for a mini-van and we still regret it although it was so practical. We just recently traded for a Suburban. It's practical because it holds more people then our van and it also has the power to pull our boat. We wish we'd never taken the mini-van detour. We're just truck people. I don't know that a vehicle defines a person but a lot of times is gives an insight into the kind of life a person lives.

Heidi said...

haha, great post = )

I've always said that I don't really care what I drive as long as it gets me where I need to go. Maybe that's because I've had my share of beaters so I can only improve on that.

Although, if life was like Harry Potter and I could magically have enough room for 6 of us in any car I wanted, I'd have a green muscle car and an Aston Martin. Rather absurd don't you think =)

Barbara J Carter said...

I revel in the uncoolness of my minivan.

It is SO practical. As an artist, I need maximum cargo space. I got rid of the seats, so it's just a big empty space. I can pack a lot of paintings in my "artmobile". It's the best!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Minivan~ Yep- we had one years hated it. In reality we are a "truck" family. It seems everyone has one in the family. Along with a truck we have a BMW, and a Durango (gas guzzler)- but it fits all the dogs on long trips... My husband's fav car he had was a red Jeep-years ago... now that was fun to drive.

Heather@Twin Birch said...

I had to dump my Honda Odyssey (worst van I ever had!!) for a Suburban. I love my Suburban so much! Mostly because it fits all of my peeps + the dog plus our shtuff! (It's also fun to be a small girl in a big car... right?)

What I don't love is when it costs $100.00 to fill it... As soon as they make a Hybrid Suburban I'm on it!

I think I might have a nightmare about mullets tonight!

Suds to Love said...

Have to say that I love our diesel Ram! Love to drive it and it fits the dogs and hauls stuff well (but of course the cost to fill it hurts). My little Patriot on the other hand, might fit all the dogs (we got it when there were only two,), but is much more practical for gas mileage.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Holly said about the photo.

I'm not much of a car person (I hate to drive), but I do care about what my car is. I also refuse to do minivans (although I do love the sliding doors especially when my kids were younger and I lived in fear of them hitting the car next to us with our car door). I loved, loved, loved my Subaru because 1) it was reliable, 2) it got good mileage, and 3) it's a butch car - I don't like to appear too feminine. ;>

koinonia community said...

Business up front...a party in the back!!! Very disturbing images coming to mind.

I had to trade in my Jeep Liberty a few years back for a Town & Country minivan. I was sad, but I have to say that I love the van. I love being able to open the sides and the back hatch with an armload of groceries. And we are always hauling our girl's friends, or some of our own on a road trip.

We also have my dad quite a bit who is a double amputee, and it is easier for him to get into, and has room for his wheelchair. When we have him, my hubby or I have to head to the center/back since and sure are glad to not have to crawl in between booster seats.

Not nearly as sad as giving up the motorcycles though. But they told me I couldn't just leave the kiddos at home to go riding.

I've just accepted the fact that I won't look cool no matter what I drive.

My hubby doesn't care about cool either. He bought a used pickup. It is sky blue with rust, and has a bumper sticker that says "I love my soaps" on it.

dalene said...

I have a funny story about when my teenage son decided to wear a mullet for a few days before cutting off the rest. Fortunately he wasn't as scary as that photo, but I honestly did not recognize him when he sidled up to me in the passenger seat of my car. I was picking up him and a bunch of his friends and I wondered who was this confident stranger who thought he could ride in the passenger seat.

I've never been able to afford to be car conscious and I wasn't proud to drive my first or my second mini-van. But when we purchased my brother's Toyota Sienna I stood tall. I love that car. It's not like we've gone four wheelin' in it, but it's gotten us to some remote destinations and it flies down the freeway just fine, too. It has enough cup holders for the entire population of Rhode Island and I have to say I would probably drive it even if I didn't have four kids to haul around to baseball, softball band and choir.

I don't have any bumper stickers, but if I did I would want one like koinonia community's.