Thursday, August 7, 2008

Need A Cohort. Or Two. Or Three.

Calling all soapers.

I need to purchase Graham Cracker fragrance oil before the holiday season and the only way I can is to buy 10 pounds of it 10- 16 oz bottles. MMS wants about $195.00 for 10 bottles.
I would like 2 of those pounds, perhaps more. Anyone want to go in on this? It is a wonderful and not too sweet confection scent and soaps beautifully. It smells like a graham cracker. Each bottle would be what it costs me plus shipping from Florida. Email me at jo at productbody dot com if you are interested.


Heidi said...

I'm all over that...your graham cracker soap smelled amazing. I'll email you right away.

feto soap said...

Does it discolor?

Joanna said...

It does discolor... go here to see the soaps I made with the graham cracker FO.

It gets a bit darker than that, but adding coffee grounds or an interesting off color would look wonderful!

Nell said...

I'm in for 16 oz. Just let me know if you get enough people.