Friday, August 22, 2008

Tower Of Yum

Ginger papaya soap

Isn't this beautiful? Sherrie of Birch Bark Soap not only makes great soap, but her photography is moving, to say the least. You can tell in this picture that she has a toddler. Can't you? She has been playing too many games of blocks and legos before shooting this tower of yum.

Out of the blue, Sherrie sent me a couple of soaps. So sweet of her, I have to say. Shipping from Nova Scotia is no cheap thing. I got one of these half-bars and truly love the way the colors work together. The warm tones and mild scent were calling me from my desk. It sat there right in front of my keyboard for over a week. It quickly became my meditation log, erect and geometric. I would look at it and get a smidge of peace and move on with my hectic day.

I have reviewed Birch Bark's soap before and I am happy to say that her soaps are still great. I like the ginger papaya, but kind of wish it had more scent because it smelled so nice and faded a bit once it got wet and rubbed up. This soap has great lather, smelled delish and was stunning to look at. Sherrie is a real artist. Soapmaker, photographer, soapmaker. :)

Sherrie, thank you for sending me soap. You know how much I LOVE that!! Good for you for spreading your wings and trying new things. (That sounds like a Hallmark card) Give a squeeze to Philip. What a cutie!

Read Sherrie's blog and see more of her great photography.


sherrieg said...

You're so sweet! I'm glad that you like it. :) The fragrance is Ginger Papaya from New Directions. I like the fizzy part of the scent. Oh, and squeezes delivered. :)

Anonymous said...

Philip is soooo adorable! Oh wait, were we supposed to admire the soap? ;>

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Hey--soap and adorable baby pic in one--what a treat! Sherri's soap & pics are amazing.

How's the weather????