Thursday, August 7, 2008

Luv 4 Country Soap

Handmade Canadian Soap Company: Luv 4 Country Soap
Bryna created Luv 4 Country, based in Ontario, Canada.

I received a package from Bryna that included Detoxifying Charcoal soap and Peachy Queen soap along with a jar of shaving cream. First of all, how cute was it to include a shaving cream to me? My leg shaving issues continue and the thoughtful inclusion was lovely. (Thank you, Bryna!)

As you can see, the soaps are lovely to look at. The charcoal swirls are fantabulous, don't you think? The bar is black black and gorgeous, although, I can not use it because it is patchouli based and I'd be getting a divorce if I tried it, so I think I will include it in a give-away soon.

To all of you who don't know, patchouli is my husband's least favorite smell, so he has asked me to refrain from using that scent in this house. So be it. I know you'll understand.:)

It is still a beautiful bar and I would recommend it to any hippie or patchouli lovin' soul. (I kid. No judging here).

To the shaving cream.... Bryna sent me a jar (I think it is 4 ounces?) and it was very creamy and a nice switch from soap or Gilette, which I despise the smell of. She sent it in Key Lime although it smelled a tad antiseptic, it worked great. Nice slide/slip and it washed off cleanly. My legs were clean, hair free and not irritated. Yay!

Detoxifying Charcoal Soap, $5.50

Peachy Queen Soap, $5.50

Her soap was nice, lathered quickly with long lasting bubbles and smelled peachy ;) It didn't smell like a candy peach, or a real juicy peach, but more like soapy peach. I liked it very much and think the color combination is spot on! Pink and yellow are happy colors and perfect for Summer!

Canada gets a squeeze! Thank you, Bryna.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely soaps! I'd love to try the shaving cream for dh to get him some alternative to the conventional stuff. He's a fussy one, he is.

And funny enough, like Brad, my dh is not that partial to patchouli either. I still sneak some in though. ;>

Anonymous said...

i have purchased almost all of the soaps from this company and they are by far one of the best out there.
extremely moisturizing and a very creamy and thick lather.
i wouldnt pass up luv4 country if you are a soap lover
eve h.