Saturday, August 9, 2008

Carrot Orange Soap

At Suzanne Graham For You, you can have it your way. Just like at Burger King, except these won't give you high blood pressure and make you fat.

I got a box filled with 4 small logs arrived from Canada some weeks ago and there are a few things you should know.
a) I love the packaging. The hand stamped names on natural colored tissue paper is brilliant and simplistic, which I love.

b) I like the
flexibility when buying her soaps, because you can buy full and half sized bars. You can custom fill a box with any combination.

c) They smell fantastic!

Suzanne sent me
these yummy half bars:


banana baby:
banana baby

breezy fruit:
breezy fruit

and carrot orange:

I am enjoying them all so much I am ready to order more. The next ones I am ordering are:

muffincreme brulee

gin + tonic and mangia cake (no pictures are available for these yet)

Back in December of 2007, my husband, Brad, wrote a review of a soap made by Simply Soap. If you haven't read it, you really must. Well, he hasn't raved quite as much about a soap since then. I have asked him to write up something, and he has been busy and is procrastinating. This post should light a little flame under him. ~~~ burn ~~~

Let's just say that the soap ROCKED and the teeny weeney tiny sliver that remains is really almost a memory. We need more. Immediately....

So, soap review of Suzanne Graham's carrot orange soap to come...Brrraaaaaad...?


Anonymous said...

The packaging is great - so simple, yet sophisticated and rugged. "Manly, yes, but I like it too!" (stop me, I'm quoting old commercials...).

Can't wait for another review from Brad! Loved his last one. Then again, I'm a fan of his writing (but don't tell him that or his ego will get too large for him to fit through a door...and I'm not sticking around for his "large ego" jokes...)

Anonymous said...

What is in that mint salad soap? sounds weird..and looks like jello salad with strings of cabbage, lol reminds me of when I was @ kid and my church would have a big dinner for the whole church 1 Sunday a had tons of choices of good things and weird things to choose from to eat (such as the jello salad I'm speaking of, lol) I obviously passed that jello salad contraption up.. She doesn't have anything regarding her soap ingredients on her web site..when I try a new soap this is one of the first thing I look for..Her packaging is nice and organic but are her soaps Organic? and I am curious why she doesn't list her ingredients at least for her customer's..or did I miss it? lol I know she uses fruit powder etc., but what type oil? butter? all olive? or nut (shea) soaps? I like to know what I'm buying..can you find out? Her stuff is so nice..How much do they weigh? and how much is her stuff? can you post it here or link us to a place to get this info..
I love your site..I'm a regular help me find some of the greatest products to buy for my family..

Joanna said...


The soaps all have ingredients listed directly under the description of the soap.

"mint salad
Wake up to this soap! The cucumber gently cleanses, the spinach packs a punch of vitamins and the mint increases alertness.
(Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil / Sodium Olivate, Saponified Coconut Oil / Sodium Cocoate, Spring Water / Aqua, Organic Cucumber Puree / Cucumis Sativus, Organic Spinach Juice / Spinacea Oleracea, Mint Essential Oil / Mentha Piperita, Benzoin Powder / Styrax Benzoin)"

Hope this helps!