Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tippy Tops

I just love the look of soap toppings....the way people design their soap has always intrigued me and I am loving some of these raw soap tops.  Mianra.... well, wow...what can I say??

Come see!

Shieh Design Studio

Kendra Cote - Amathia Soapworks

Trish Broedner of  Sugar Monster Soaps

Mianra Soap - cake


Gretchen M. said...

LOVE Shieh Designs Studio!

The Lazy Lacquerist said...

Loving these... love Emily's soap (Shieh Design) cos you always know, underneath that fabulous top is an equally fabulous bottom! LOL

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Man oh man they look so yummy, I need a big pot of coffee just to look at them

Tub-Time Treasures said...

Such talented soapers!! I just love seeing what everyone else is working on and coming up with. Beautiful!!

Kenna said...

Love Shieh Design Studio, always so stunning and a surprise inside! And I can't even get started on the other two, jeesh. Beautiful soaps as always!

Thanks, hun, for featuring my little soaping ventures here again! Always so flattering. <3

Shieh Design Studio said...

Love sporn (soap porn)! I can always count on you to bring us beautiful finds!
Thanks for including my soap!

Hajni said...

Aaah! Thank You for featuring the cake :)! Chuffed!

Cottage Handmade Soaps said...

Your all so talented! Love what you can do with some coffee beans! Genius!