Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sherpa Sherpa?!

We had a little contest over at my company blog: Product Body + Absolute Soap Blog.  We make a creamy, vanilla, amber shea butter soap and before today it was called Ambre de Nepal.  We thought it was a little too hard to say and remember for our customers.  And it didn't "fit" in with our company.
Because of this, we had a contest to see if our readers would help us re-name the soap.  The person whose name we chose to name the soap, would win a bar of the soap.  Well, my husband and business partner, Brad Schmidt, had way too much fun today coming up with names, and one stuck.
 Sherpa Sherpa
we have a winner!
UPDATE: we have a winner: Heather!!!  Sherpa Sherpa was inspired by Matt Stone and Trey Parker's movie Team America -  "Derka Derka!"
 Now, for those who may not know our humor, you may not figure it out.  You also won't figure it out if you haven't seen a particular movie, so... let's just say our inspiration was in the comedy movie genre.  No more hints!
Go to my biz blog and guess away!  The first person who guesses our inspiration/reference will win a bar of Sherpa Sherpa (amber vanilla shea butter bar).
No one has guessed it yet! ;)
Good luck!
xoxo Joanna

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Laura said...

Gorgeous soap!