Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

I haven't done a soap review in a long time. I have soap makers waiting for reviews but I have some problems with their submissions.

I have a baggie of two soaps on my window sill with no labels, nothing to identify who they belong to. Now, I run a business and have two kids so I am busy and I try really hard to be organized, but sometimes I will open a package and throw away the outer package to eliminate clutter. This is why a soap band or sticker is important to affix on the soap. These window sill soaps are now anonymous. They could be yours and you'll never know if I liked them or not. Maybe you should email me.

I also received a bag of three soaps from a lovely woman. None of the soaps were labeled so I don't know which one is which. If I loved the purple one, I wouldn't be able to elaborate on it. Also, They all ended up smelling alike. I don't know if they smelled alike when they were put in there to begin with or they ended up smelling similar, but it made me re-think my own packaging. I just sent out my three soap gift set in a cello bag with the soaps each only separated by a card. Hmm.

Please let me be clear about how you need to send your soap so I can get the best shot at smelling the true scent of your soap and that I know it's from you. If you send soap to me, please make sure that each soap is individually wrapped or labeled with its own scent and/or name and your company name so that if it gets removed from the group of your soaps it can still be identified.

Also, if you want me to review your soap and you want me to try multiple soaps, you only need to send one full sized bar and quarter bar samples of the others (also labeled with scent and company name!) I do not need a full bar of each scent. It is costly for you to mail them and it certainly isn't necessary. The full size bar shows packaging, size and weight. That's all I need. Everything else is scent and feel and I can use the samples for that.

If any of you have any questions about soap you have sent or soap you would like to send please do not hesitate to email me. jo (at) productbody (dot) com

I loved doing the soap reviews and I am ready to do them.

The list of fragrances that my head can not deal with has grown. Now migraines are spiked from:

"Champagne" and "Energy" fragrance oils

Other than that lavender is not a favorite of mine.


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Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Champagne scent now gives you a headache? I guess that means there'll be no more Champagne sugar scrubs from you. :} Does an FO ever "reverse" itself and no longer give you a headache after a time, or is it just a one way road? I definitely don't want you having your horrible migraines!

Can't wait for more soap reviews. :)

Cocobong Soaps said...

or Patchouli

Joanna Schmidt said...

Wellllll, if patchouli is mixed with other stuff, then it's not so bad. It's growing on me. A little..

Joanna Schmidt said...

Teresa, I don't really know, but I have tossed my Champagne fragrance oil. It only took 5 batches of whipped champagne soap and 15 batches of Crush On You to figure out that the Fragrance oil was the culprit. duh. It's hard with migraines. There are so many factors to consider.

I won't even get near either of them, so I am not going to try testing it, but that's a good question. Maybe some other person wants to be a guinea pig ;)

Anonymous said...

i sent you an email.

Jack said...

Sorry, only just come accross you blog, are you like a soap critic :P

LongLeafSoaps said...

Hi Joanna,
Sorry about the discovery of the champagne fo causing the migraines...that really sucks :(
Just wondering if you got a chance to try either the French Country Sunrise, or the Cool Vanilla Mint soap I sent you?


Joanna Schmidt said...

green afro diva. I got it. :)

Jack: This blog is a soap related everything, but I do also review soaps. Feel free to read the archives!

Long Leaf Soaps: I just wrote to you, Linnea :)

Eva said...

I've recently gotten into handmade soap (as a user of, not maker of), and I've quickly come to the conclusion that my olfactory senses can't take the fragrance oils. Essential oils, no problem, but I just can't do the fragrance oils.