Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Otion -The Soap Bar

I have great admiration for Anne-Marie Faiola, owner of Otion: The Soap Bar and Brambleberry Soap Making Supplies located in Bellingham, Washington.

Anyone who makes soap or wants to and hasn't checked out Brambleberry, you must march on over there and give some things a try. They have consistent quality in raw materials, flawless customer service, timely order processing and they are an excellent company in general to work with.

Reading her blog regularly has been really fun and completely interesting to me. There are her very own trial-and-error attempts to create bath cupcakes and chocolate lip balm to name only two, with her camera snapping away at every turn. The series of shots makes it feel like you're sitting with her going through the process - except without the mess! She links to different design blogs and designers and discusses a bit of politics. She obviously loves what she does even though it seems like she works like crazy.

I think that she and I have a similar outlook on the way we do business. I believe she tries to conduct her business with dignity, fairness and honesty, which to me, are three of the most important qualities to possess.

I take my hat off to you, Anne-Marie! Cheers!

(I didn't realize until today that her soap making shop and studio share the name "The Soap Bar" with my blog....... I guess it's not that ironic. Soap. Bar.)

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