Saturday, May 31, 2008

Union Street Soapworks

union street soapworks

Nate and Jen Whaley (aren't they cute?)
Union Street soapmakers

In one of my previous soap posts, I talked about simplicity in packaging and I have discovered a soap company that also successfully packages simply.  I have had the pleasure of testing a few of their bars.  My favorites are Toasted Coconut, Orange Peel and Sandstone.

Sandstone has an amazing texture.  It feels extremely exfoliating but with a fine sand-like texture.  I loved it!  I love exfoliating bars, and this one may be my favorite so far.  Small sandy pumice and ground apricot seed makes my skin sing, and it's softening because it's packed with shea butter to condition the skin.  I only had a tiny sample to work with, so I scrubbed on my whole body and used it all up.  Lovely!!

Toasted Coconut
I got a whole bar of this one - it was chunky and industrial looking.  I loved it.  The scent was not as coconut-y as I had hoped but it was still very smooth and tropical.  It was a dark brown and lathered beautifully.  Nice bar.  All gone.

Orange Peel
I had a little sample of this one, too.  Pure heaven.  The scent was as if I took an orange and sliced it freshly - it was the real deal as far as scents go.  They nailed this one perfectly with the scent and I recommend that if you like the smell of orange that you rush over there and get some.  

Their bars are hefty at 5 ounces a piece.


Heidi said...

I love simple packaging. I've been trying to figure out how to package my soaps for etsy and have considered plain brown paper. I want to make sure it can be reused, or recycled, but look nice at the same time. But I'm so darned indecisive = )

mayaari said...

I'm so happy to see your review :) I've slowly been trying out all of their bars (with lots of repeated purchases of my favorites) and haven't been disappointed with one yet! I highly recommend their new Lime & Lemon bar - it's a great citrus scent for summer, and I have to resist eating the bar because it smells so yummy!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Those bars look lovely! I like the Sandstone concept. I'm an exfoliating junkie, too.

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Those bars look great and the simply packaging is wonderful. All those scents are some favs of mine...

Michelle said...

Orange! Orange! Orange!

Can't get enough of orange :)

Joanna Schmidt said...

Michelle, then you need to try the orange bar. oh yeah.......