Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Dot, sleeping poolside

Dot, cat #3.

Gentlest of all cats.  Sweet smelling head and neck.  
Likes to play with salamanders until they stop playing back.
Sleeps in awkward places and in the strangest positions. 
When she was tiny, she was full of mange with bald spots.  
Now she is soft and smells like perfume....?
Demands head lick kisses from Motor, cat #2.
She likes to sleep with the kids.  

Notice she is resting her head on "puppy" and resting her hand on Desi.

She likes all the soaps you all send.  True.  She smells them all.  :)


egassner said...

Lol! I love the photos where she's 'sniffing' the soap.... too cute!

gracefruit said...

Aw! We are big kitty fans, too. Dot looks like a real love. Send her to me for cat sitting anytime!

E xx

Kim said...

Super cute! We've got a couple of fur balls, too! They are more like crazy teenage boys than gentle kitties ...

Sippowitz! I am such an NYPD Blue fan and so incredibly sad that it ended!

patti flynn said...

o she is so sweet!

our miss mousie has a sweet soft perfume in her fur too!
what is that?