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Monday, May 12, 2008

Shave Soap

I made this batch last night.  I guess it is shave soap because I used bentonite clay in my recipe to assist in "slip".

I did not scent this one, although I am sorry I didn't because half the fun for me is smelling soaps!  The color "swirl" on top is soap mixed with blueberry fiber.  I just cut it, so we'll have to let it cure and then see how it performs.  Hopefully, it can help with my shaving dilemma.  I am still tending to a major gash from 3 weeks ago when I borrowed my husband straight razor.  That was like Psycho in the shower, blood everywhere.  I looked at the old fashioned bakelite razor to find a hunk of my leg still attached to the shiny blade.   Evidence of poor shaving skills. 

Sorry.  I just gave myself the willies, too.


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

You certainly are becoming quite a soap artist! I have never used blueberry fiber before- what color is that? It has a black hue on my computer...

I have used cranberry fiber for a brown swirl--of course depending on the soap recipe-what the exact color would be.

I must say the grapefruit soap you made- is just wonderful. I LOVED it, in the shower. It produced clear-strong bubbles, rich lather, and the smell was heavenly....Whatever recipe you used, it's a keeper!

lyly said...

wow that is so awesome.
Can you teach me how to switl like that? I tried making some yesterday and my melt and pour totally botch.. i was so disappointed... can melt and pour soap do swirls and the design on top of the loaf? any information would be helpful.

sherrieg said...

Yay, it looks good! I've never tried the fibres - do you soak them in part of the oils? I'm curious. I hope this helps your shaving situation!

Kim said...


Sarah said...

Oh boyfriend uses a straight razor. I would be sooo terrified to use it for shaving my legs. He uses my shaving soap with a brush and his straight razor though. It works really well, but I think in future recipes I will have to add castor oil for extra lather. Let us know how yours works! I also am interested in the blueberry fiber is it blue or black?

LoveMichie said...

AAHhhH!! :( I hope you're okay, Joanna. Here's some hugs and kisses to make you feel better xoxo. Lovely soap by the way!

Joanna Schmidt said...

The blueberry fiber is a dark brown in the soap. Bought it from Majestic Mountain Sage. It is merlot red in color before soaping with it. I added it for mild exfoliating, but I don't know how it'll come out. I added it to cup of the soap, mix it vigorously and voila!

Carrie: grapefruit soap? Do you mean the cream colored yuzu soap?

lyly: I plopped quarter sized circles down along the edges then took my spatula and ran through it sideways and then up and down. I am no swirling expert. Go to Teach They have lots of info!

Sherrieg: Added it to the soap. Thanks, me too!

Kim: Thank you, dear!

Sarah: Castor oil is something I should try. Thanks.

LoveMiche: smooch*

Anonymous said...

Yeah soap!! Soap not goo, YEAH!!!
way 2 go girl!!:)

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Ooh, pretty soap! Horrible image of shaving disaster!! I hope you heal fast! My nana always swore by a swim in the Atlantic (on Cape Cod) to heal up skinned knees, etc!!

María José said...

Fantastic! Simply fantastic, Joanna.


Michelle said...

OMG Joanna, when I read your post I squirmed, I could totally feel the gash in your leg - how horrible. Is it healing? Are you feeling ok? Ouch! That must have been awful.

Your soap looks fantastic. I like how you swirled just on the top portion of your soap - very cool!

Eat Well (was Teresa R) said...

You made me weak-kneed, and not in a good way either...LOL!

But your soap is beeeooootiful!! You really have mastered the art, and after so few tries.

I feel the same way about scents and soaps. Alas, dh tends to not enjoy scents the way I do.

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