Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ceci Cela Almond

I was sent Ceci Cela's products for review and I've had them for quite some time.  I am really having a hard time getting through all my bars of soap.  You see, when I love a bar of soap, it is hard for me to move on to the next one.  I like to linger a bit with them.

There are three products this company offers.  An Almond Moisturizing Body Bar With Oatmeal (with the cool nubbies on one side) and two Lip Balms - one in Almond and one in Spearmint.  That's it.

Let's start with the bar.  It had a delicious scent of Almonds when I opened up the packaging and looked like this, all nubby and smooth.  

It wasn't too sharp or strong of a scent, it was mellow and sweet.  A very nice bar to awaken the senses.  I tried the nubby side on the skin and then as a finger grip, but I was sort having trouble understanding the nub-concept.  I was seriously nubby challenged.  I looked like I should have been wearing a helmet and riding the short bus.  

After a few minutes of lathering and cleaning and fumbling about with the alien bar, I noticed that it became more exfoliating.  Mmm?  As I continued to rub a dub, I became more satisfied with the nubby side because I finally got the purpose of it.  With the exfoliating oatmeal exposed and the smooth side being, well, smooth I got into it completely.  I think I scrubbed and cleaned myself for a good 15 minutes before I even got to washing my feet or shaving my legs.  Oh, the feet.  Once the nubbies were worn down a bit and the exfoliator claws were out, I had a field day with my feet.   I really just needed someone ELSE to rub my feet with it so I could relax.  Can I get someone over here to rub my feet please?  

The lip balm was mighty smooth and creamy.  It didn't glop on or grit passed my lips, it glided with the grace of a ballerina.  I kid you not.   It is SPF 15 for sun protection and includes Vitamin E, aloe and beeswax among the ingredient list it comes with.  The Almond was sweet and sexy, while the Spearmint was wakey-wakey fresh and clean.

The only thing I noticed about the soap, which really didn't bother me, was that it kind of lost its initial scent.  It smelled clean with a hint of almond, but not so much Almond-y.

I do not think her soap is handmade, but it was still yummy and I give it a thumbs up.  I also think Ceci is a lovely person!


Heidi said...

I was laughing waaaay too hard to completely comprehend everything you said about the products = ) The helmet and short bus comment made me incapable of doing anything for a while. I tried reading it to my husband and couldn't because I was laughing so hard. I'm not complaining...my abs really needed a good workout = )

Joanna Schmidt said...

The helmet and short bus comments are common in this house. We have probably offended everyone. See? No comments. ;)