Friday, May 9, 2008

Motor:: Cat #2 - Final Cat Post

The totally crazy one.  
He picked us and that is the story and I am sticking to it.  About three and a half years ago, we went to the local shelter to find a cat to adopt.

We were at the pound and this medium sized black kitten meowed and cried and climbed right up my arm and sat on my shoulder, pushing his nose and face into my neck, as if he were trying to get closer than was humanly or feline-ally possible.  He was such a love, we decided it was meant to be.  He chose us.  Maybe our late Tiger wanted this cat with us.  To watch over us.  When you have kids, the impossibility of pre- child rearing beliefs become a possibility and magic can consume the tender hearted for a fleeting moment here and there.  Moms, don't lie!

devil  - demon  - kuckoo

ready to pounce the camera

Okay, so we took Motor home and he was instantly a handful.

We had a screen enclosed pool area.  He climbed it from the outside and proceeded to whine and cry until we could extract him and his fierce claws from his death grip from our second story bedroom window screen.  

When he wants something, he whines and cries big ugly cries.  Not a nudge or a wink.  A wail.  

He runs in front of me when I start walking, as if he is trying to race me and guess where I'm going. Half the time, I trip over him.  Yeah.  Funny. There is a lot of tripping and mumbling under ones breath over here with dear Moti. 

He wails to go out.  5 minutes go by.  He wails to come in.  (sigh)  This isn't something one can ignore, either.  He doesn't have a stopping point.  He'll just continue until pigs fly.

But there is the other side of the cat.  Motor rocks and we all love him.

He loves us like no other.  When one of us is feeling blue or sick, or is in pain, he'll come from nowhere and lie right on top of the pained one.  Directly on top of the belly or chest and won't leave until you get up or start feeling better.

His fur is like silk.

He purrs and meows a soft, broken crackling sound as if he has learned the barking skill from Sippowitz, but on a gentler side.  Sippowitz barks when he is hungry, Motor crackles when he is content and on someone who is touching him.

He sleeps at my feet every single night.

He sleeps on his back, fully outstretched (a total of two feet long, legs wide open and snores. Loudly.

He likes to drink the water at the bottom of the shower when I'm done instead of using the fresh water in his bowl.  Must be a ritualistic black magic thing.

He is good luck, despite what the books all say about a black cat crossing your path.

So there you have it.

Cat #1:  Sippowitz (aka Kitty or Fatty)  Adopted him in 1993
Cat #2:  Motor (aka Moti or Triangle Head)  Adopted in 2004
Cat #3:  Dot (aka Fot or Girlie)  Adopted 2006

My three cats.  I don't think one is considered a "cat lady" until many more are acquired, so I am good.


egassner said...

Lol! Our older cat is JUST like this....he was a barn kitten.
I had found a free add in the paper, called and asked if they had an orange one...yup, just one though. So I left to go get him. They couldn't find the orange one once I got there and all of a sudden you hear this horrific yowl and this orange streak come running around the side of the barn and into it. GOOD LUCK CATCHING THAT ONE!
So we left some food in a live bait him!
Now he is pretty mellow...but he barks, like a dog, when he wants attention.
Soory I wrote you a book about my kittly. :D lol

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Love the stories about your cats and your house looks purrrfect; quite beautiful. I can only get my house to look that "uncluttered" when company is coming :)--other wise you may have to step over a workboot or two, & lots of doggie toys.

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

He looks simular to my cat Arnold a Black oriental. Maybe your guy has some oriental in him which is a cross between Siamese and Burmese, according to the breeder I got mine from many years ago they breed them for the perfect triangle which is from the tips of the ears to the nose and they are around 1m in length from nose to tail. They are real talkers, skinny by nature, very agile, love getting patted on the back with a ruler, have an attitude, very lovable and demand attention especially when they get older. Your guy is a beautiful cat.