Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome To The Soap Bar Blog!

I am so excited to start this blog about soaps.... something I know little about but something I have been passionate about for many years. The handmade cold process soap process interests me a whole lot and I am ready to take on the challenge of reviewing and scoping out new soap makers to expose to you and to the public in general.

I am the founder, owner and president of Product Body as well as the writer of

So, if you are a soap maker, send me a sample of your soap(s) to review. I am happy to try a small sample, but if you'd like me to report back to everyone regarding what kind of packaging and presentation you use, etc, I can be more descriptive in my post about your soap if the whole kit and caboodle is included, and I can use the bar for a few days or a week at a time and share skin results.

Since it wouldn't be in my best interest, I will not be reviewing soapers that also have a full bath and body line, unless it was totally different than mine. The address to send me any info about you and your soap, please mail to:

Joanna Schmidt
P.O. Box 3773
Tequesta, FL 33469

I await the good soap bars. And thank you for trusting that I will give you honest feedback.

Cheers to soapy goodness and welcome to The Soap Bar Blog!


Anonymous said...

Good for you-I can't wait to read about them and then go shop for them

Joanna Schmidt said...

Great! Stay tuned and you will find all my ramblings about the soaps!