Friday, August 31, 2007

Chequamegon Soap

Vicki Magaw of Chequamegon Soap (pronounced: Schwaum' a gun) sent me a variety of miniature soaps to try about two weeks ago. Each one was wrapped in what appeared to be thin corrugated cardboard and a soap wrap of the same color (as seen to the left). The design on the label is simple and thought out, I could tell.

My favorite of the soaps Vicki sent was the Geranium & Lemon with Poppy Seeds. Her website says, "
An all natural soap. Pink with rust colored specks & yellow swirls. This scent is said to repel mosquitoes and other 6-legged pests." Not too citrus-ey not too floral and those poppy seeds were the bomb! The soap was so tiny to begin with, I barely got two showers out of it, but enough to know that I liked it. The thin sliver on my shower soap ledge with the poppies speckled throughout made me happy when I looked at it. Well, my poppy seed soap is gone, but the memory will remain until I can get my hands on a big bar from Chequamegon.

If you want to check out all the scents she offers go to her scent page for explanations...

Vicki lives and sells her soaps in Wisconsin and Minnesota. She is a lovely woman and I thank her for sending me the cute soaps!!

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