Monday, August 27, 2007

Barcelona Bath and Body

Rachel Lane, owner and creator of Barcelona Bath & Body, recently sent me a package with two identical hand soaps: The Hand Soap Duo, in Coconut Bay Rum scent. The first thing I noticed was that the bars of soap were imprinted with the company's beautifully designed logo. Looking at the imprint made me feel as if I was holding a piece of art and that also looked surprisingly like yummy chocolate. I really felt, right off the bat, that Rachel knows her stuff. The branding and presentation is not just professional, but creative and soothing to look at as well.

The package sat on my desk until I could get to it, and it scented my whole office with a mellow coconut, nutty, rummy wispy scent; An unexpected combination of smells. Well, it became too irresistible that I had to find a soap holder for the sink and wash my hands before I went mad! It almost was a shame to use the perfectly imprinted bar that resembled a milky chocolate treat, but I wet it and started washing. Mmm...very soothing. The bar was so smooth to the touch on the un-imprinted side, I rubbed it for quite awhile. The smell was not overbearing or spicy at all. I sort of expected a tropical scent, but it was more down to earth and unique.

The lather was lovely and the rinse was perfect. After drying my hands off, I smelled my skin and the soap left a faint coconut bay rum scent which was very nice.

Barcelona offers handmade soy candles, soap, sachets and Room Refresh room spray. Everything comes in five scents: Coconut Bay Rum, Vanilla Lavender, Grapefruit Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon Sandalwood, and Lemongrass Fennel.

Look how cute these little candles are! They look like frosted tall shot glasses. I can close my eyes and imagine them all around my tub. I'll have to get some of those. Every product I look at on their website looks soothing and warm to me. The colors and textures are easy on the eyes.

Well, thank you, Rachel, for sending me your very lovely hand soaps. I love them and I wish you the best of luck!

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Grace said...

It's funny you should note the logo as I actually don't like their labelling at all!