Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naked Lady

My first soaps came in the mail!! Fuzzy Navel and Olive Oil Oats & Honey came today. What gorgeous boxes, don't you think?

Naked Lady Natural Soap is owned by a mother daughter duo right here in Tequesta. They are such lovely people. Frances Vaughn started the soap business as a home schooling project with her daughter, Hayley, and it took off from there. Now Hayley is away getting her Masters in Business while her mom holds down the fort and continues the soap making in her home. Speaking with Fran was so nice, hearing her soap stories along with the hardships of being a business owner (I can relate to that!). Her first batch of soap ever was made with beef tallow - wow. She quickly realized people did not want to rub beef on their skin while getting clean, especially the people who were looking for a more vegan approach.

I will jump in the shower now and give a report on the Fuzzy Navel!
10 minutes later....... I am still dripping, but I had to share because I am so excited about it. The Fuzzy Navel smelled delightful, but not quite as strong as I imagined it would be. I found myself holding the bar to my nose and smelling very deeply. Yum. There was copious foaming action, lovely scent and I used it for shaving my legs, which did very well. Most soaps I use don't have the "slip" I need and leave me feeling dried out after shaving. Fuzzy Navel was perfect for my legs and my whole body feels clean and refreshed. The shower experience was truly a delight!

Naked Lady also makes a soap called Sea Sprite where she uses dead sea salt and dead sea mud. I have to try that one for a complexion facial soap. Also, the Havana bar with tobacco, black pepper and vanilla. Sounds unusual and tempting.

For info on the Naked Lady go to her website at or visit her online shop . If you all try any of these, I'd love to hear your feedback!

More on the Olive Oil Oats & Honey Soap wwhen I get a chance to try it.

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Iryna said...

I have to agree with you in terms of that box packaging - it's gorgeous!