Friday, August 17, 2007

The Fuzzy Navel Again

I'm sorry, I couldn't use a different soap in the shower today. I am having FAR too much fun with my Naked Lady Fuzzy Navel (review below). I found myself, again, stopping, and deeply breathing in with the soap practically up my nose. Me. The Fuzzy Navel. Bubbles all about. I was one with the Fuzzy.

I have received a few more packages and I am excited to review them all. Susan, of Manor Hill Soap Company, states in her little note to me included in her box of yums .... "A few soapy chappies! Enjoy!" I intend to Susan. Yours will be next :)

1 comment:

Christina H. said...

I reviewed Manor Hall Soap Company products recently on my blog! Oh boy are you in for a treat!! Did she send you Butter Me Better? It's absolutely amazing. No joke. Enjoy - I can't wait to read your review!