Saturday, August 18, 2007

Butter Me Better

Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soaps creates her lovely bars of all natural soaps in Springfield, Massachusetts. I asked her to send me a sample bar, and, to my glorious surprise, she generously sent me 4 full bars with a wooden soap dish and a cute cotton soap holder so if I feel like putting my soap in the pouch, I can exfoliate while cleaning. Brilliant! What did I do to deserve this??

The soaps she sent me are: Lady Springs, Hardy Har Harvest, Honey Me Smooth and Butter Me Better Soap. The bars are wrapped so neatly in translucent paper, which only a patient angel could sit and wrap, and is adorned with a cute Manor Hall Soap sticker. Because the word "butter" sends me to a happy place, I decided to try Butter Me Better first.

I quickly unwrapped the bar and went to work. I put the bar and my hands under water and it instantly began foaming BIG lather. Deep, luxurious, thick lather: the bubbles were hefty. I couldn't put the bar down! It was so fun to create the lather to see how much of it I could create in my hands, that I was at it for quite a while. It is lightly scented with essential oils of Balsam Peru. Some of the luscious ingredients are olive, coconut, palm and pumpkin seed oils and Mowrah butter is added for extra moisturizing. Pumpkin seed oil is excellent for the skin and is rich in vitamins A, C, E and K and zinc.... all good stuff.

Manor Hall makes all their cold process soaps by hand in small batches (sound familiar?). They use all natural ingredients including scenting with essential oils and after each bar is cut, they sit in the curing room for 4-6 weeks. That makes it all feel even more special to me, that each bar I got had a "waiting" time to flourish before being wrapped and sent to me.
My hands still smell clean and fresh, so her other soaps will have to wait for me to try them.

The soaps weigh about 3.5 ounces and costs $5.85 online at Manor Hall Soap Shop online. So go grab a bar or two and get bubbly! If you want to read more about this wonder woman from England, go read the interview on Indie Beauty - Scroll down to #5 to read the story behind the bar.

Susan, I love my soapy chappies - thank you!!!!

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