Wednesday, August 15, 2007

As I Await The Soaps

I have been using Pure & Natural soap lately that I purchased from the supermarket and I just can't get excited about the shower experience these days. P&N is fine, but so boring and basic and I am a bit sick of mass produced prods in general. I love my own products, but my shower doesn't really accommodate the wide jar of the Crush On You, large scrubs, or Wash unless I keep it on the floor of the shower stall and then they get all watery. It's always been a dilemma in this house. Kind of a pity that we don't have a tub in the Master Bedroom. What were they thinking when they built this house in 1965? One day, maybe I'll rip the bathroom apart and make the whole thing one big giant tub. Well, except for the toilet area, of course.

Just so everyone is aware, I am really not a lavender or patchouli fan. I know a lot of people who are loyal fans of those scents, but in general, they are not so much for me. So, if you are considering sending me a bar of your soap, please send me your most interesting, maybe, unusual bar, preferably without those two scents.

I love how many people are interested in this blog. I hope I can do it justice and give enough input for it to be interesting. Anything you are most interested in hearing about, leave me a comment. I am curious!

I will post soon with my first review. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Please don't post anymore pics of soap from goodcleanfun's etsy shop. Most of her soap designs have been stolen from other etsy sellers. For example: the gummy bears, the popcorn, and the cereal. If you're going to promote a shop, please do a little research and promote someone who deserves it.

Joanna Schmidt said...

I appreciate your comment.

Copying is a hard thing. I have been copied and at first I feel angry, then sad, until I realize that having been copied can be looked at as a form of flattery. That my cool idea spawned interest and creativity in another.

My other blog, has an entry about bath cupcakes and I tried to recreate Anne-Marie's bath cupcake recipe because I thought it was beautiful and I wanted to see if I could create such lovely-ness. (no such luck :))

Thanks for our comment. Do you make soaps?

Anonymous said...

I do understand copying can be a form of flattery. It's not flattering however when the product is copied EXACTLY and then sold on the same website, therefore stealing business from the original seller. In my opinion, if you're going to copy someone you should at least tweak it a bit to make it your own or sell it somewhere else.
Thank you for replacing the picture.

Joanna Schmidt said...


You can also email me privately if you want at

Thanks again for commenting.