Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some Are Very "Crunchy"

I am so happy to have started this blog and I am loving the soaps. A lot! One of the things I'm noticing is that there is a common theme of lavender, oatmeal, patchouli.... I do love natural and homemade. No doubt! But now I am wondering if soap makers are sending me bars they think I'll like or ones they really think stand out. I am not sure, BUT I will tell you, the "crunchy" scents aren't my favorite, and I have to be upfront about that fact. I will review the soap, without fail, but I must tell you that I might complain sometimes with the soapy lavender patchouli scents.

Oh the scents I do adore are: Anything citrus, chocolate, just about any fruit, sweet veggies, coffee, baking, light jasmine, real roses, new leather, cookies, cookie dough, cookies cooking, cake, cupcakes, grilled marinated steak, bacon cooking, pumpkin pie, sautéing garlic..... okay, stop. I have gone on, and of course, washing with some of these smells would be pretty gross, but I got carried away and wanted to share with you. A piece of me.

Okay, if you make soap and want to send some to me, send me your favorite bar or your craziest looking or outrageous smelling creation, because I am ready for it (but don't send me steak soap. Eww).

Picture of chocolate chip cherry cookies at Whole Foods. YUM.

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