Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shower Treat Soap | An Etsy Shop

I received a nice sized bar of Energy Soap (shown above) from Shower Treat Soap. It was wrapped in a "band-like"label thingy. The band had very un-showy type and basic information on it like the name of the company and the ingredients. The bar was lovely to look at with swirly pink colors, cut nicely and smelled refreshing, but I just didn't expect much. It didn't seem like a lot of time went into the packaging, so I automatically assumed that not much time had been put into the craft.

Well, let me tell you: Looks are deceiving. We have all grown up with the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover", yet we are ALL guilty of doing just that on occasion. So, in the shower I go with my soap in hand not expecting too much. And then, I do the the lather test. Rub rub rub. Ooooooh. What a nice smell coming from that bubbly foam. I washed myself happily, and having felt energized from the scent, it occurred to me that Energy name was chosen for good reason. The soap was super lathery, washed off very clean, and the Energy scent is citrusy but with a hint of sweetness, and not overbearing like some soaps can be. So again I found myself soap in hand inhaling slowly - nose up against the bar.

My only suggestion for Shower Treat Soap would be to consider spending more time with designing the label/wrap or to create a label or use simple fonts, but have it professionally printed. I DO like the cute design on the laundry soap label! I just saw another Etsy Shop that makes sticker business cards which I think is a great idea. The name of the shop is Monster Promos and 50 card/stickers costs $18.00, which I think I will just have to try for me.

So go get a bar from them. I love to support companies that give back to communities as we do. I quote from their site: 5% of all profits go directly to Women for Women International. Currently we are sponsoring 2 women who face daily challenges that we can't even imagine. Thanks for your support!

I know why they call it Shower Treat. :)


Laura Williams said...


I'm Laura Williams from Shower Treat Soap. Let me say first that I appreciate the opportunity this review provides, and I thank Joanna for her time and honesty.

A word regarding our packaging. Considerable time and effort went into the design of our labels. Our goal at Shower Treat Soap is to provide excellent olive oil soap at a price that everyone can afford, and our labeling reflects that. It's appealing, inexpensive, and low impact on the environment. Yes, we print the labels ourselves for a very low cost. The result is that our clients aren't paying an extra $1 per bar for the label.

Of course, we all have room for improvement, so we'll see what we can do to spiff up the look of our labels while still keeping costs reasonable.

Thanks very much for considering our products!


Laura Williams
Shower Treat Soap

Joanna Schmidt said...

I feel pretty awful that I have hurt your feelings in any way. It is quite the dilemma....writing reviews, because the whole reason I started this was to help and expose the SOAP community! However, if every little thing I post is a gleaming review, no one will see my reviews as truthful or any kind of resource for good soap. Brutal honesty is the key. Now, I will not review soaps that I hate, because the last thing I need to do is hurt someone's biz. Not my goal in the LEAST!

I completely agree with minimal packaging. I appreciate that. Good for you for making the smallest footprint on the world.

I admire your gumption, honesty and soaping techniques. It is NOT easy being a self starting business woman. I know.

Please feel free to email me anytime at my email address: jo@productbody
It is far easier to exchange mail that way.

Very best and good luck!!!

(an email)

Trish said...

Women for Women International’s work in the DR Congo will be featured this Sunday, January 13th on CBS News’ 60 Minutes. It’s scheduled for 7:00pm but you can check your local listings. Thank you for spreading the word and be sure to watch or record it and visit for more info!