Monday, August 20, 2007

Knitted Soap Holder?

I noticed today as I was wandering through soapy web pages and came across a cute handmade "Sort of a Soap-Holder Washcloth Type Thingy" posted on the young knitters dream blog: Lickety Knit.

When Manor Hall Soaps sent me the lovely bars of soaps for me to try, she sent along a wooden dish and crocheted soap holder thingy. Brilliant, really. If you need to exfoliate, then use the washcloth thing that holds the bar of soap. Then, when you are finished using the soap in the tub, hang it from the faucet or shower knob instead of letting it sit in water on that lefge for soap where it inevitably turns soggy. This knitted soap holder is the most beautiful and practical and if I could knit, I'd make one for everyone I know who loves soap.

Rachel is the knitter of this fine object. She created her blog years ago and I think she's got spunk. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and lives with her 3 cats, Stupid, Fatty and Whiny.

Small world. One of my cats name is Fatty.

So, for those looking for ideas to use for your next crafty project, make a soap holder out of whatever material you'd want rubbed on your bare skin and if you are a knitter check out Rachel's blog!

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Michelle said...

I love the soap bar holder. I did a craft swap once and someone sent me one of those because I make cp soap. They are really great to use with scented soaps like a sachet in the drawer.