Monday, January 14, 2008

Week Of Platypus Dreams

All this week I will be featuring soaps that Sharon of Platypus Dreams (in Australia!) sent me. I will try to review one of her soaps each day for a week.  The box of goodies she sent with loads of soap made me feel like a queen.  Absolutely gorgeous!!  I will attempt to give you my detailed experience with 7 bars this week.  You can see the photo of the open box of soap she sent me here.

She is not only a talented soap maker, but her artistic touches are really stunning.



Heidi said...

Her soaps look amazing! It gives me the inspiration to keep practicing. I can't wait to hear how they work.

KaytiBear said...

wow look at those . I love the pink with the swirls on top : 0 ) . I can't wait to to read about them

Amber Rose said...

These look SO amazing! I love the pink swirls and the white/tan ones! :)