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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soap Supply Give-Away Winner

The winner for the most unusual soap made or tried is: Nahia Creations who shared that she/he used fresh green grass in a batch of soap!  I bet that was strange and wonderful all at the same time.  Nahia Creations, please let me know what your address is so I can send you your winnings.  Email me: jo(at)productbody(dot)com.

Thank you all for participating.   Hopefully you will try odd but interesting concoctions and continue to share with all of us.  There will be another contest with give-aways very soon.  Stay tuned.....


nahiacreations said...

Awesome! Couldn't resist a give away!! :)

nahiacreations said...

Thank you, Joanna! I love the package. I would have to say my favorite fragrance is Rain. I can't wait to use the mold... my mom will love it! Now I just have to go buy some M&P from Brambleberry. :)