Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Platypus Dreams - Day 5 - Funky Chic

Funky Chic by Platypus Dreams.... "Let's have some sophisticated fun"

This soap has 4 distinct layers of color and three different colored rolls inserted in the top that are visually compelling and unique.  From the bottom:  dark purple, a creamy white, blue and hot pink with soap "tape" rolls and glitter on top.  The rolled soap pillars on top remind me of Bubble Tape bubble gum (mmmm).  

Another stunning looking bar that was hard to take with me in the shower.  I guess being a soap reviewer, I must put all that saving business for other things.  Anyway, it helps me live my motto of:  What's the point in having it if you don't allow yourself to enjoy it? (Is that a motto?)

The Funky Chic is another wonderful sudsy bar that froths up so easily in the shower and cleans to the bone with no film or oily slick left behind.  The scent is clean and super fresh!  According to the website it is described as "...a wonderful European complex fragrance, exotic floral with warm notes of Jasmine, Rose Wood, Musk and Cedarwood."  Yes, but in layman's terms, it smells slightly floral with sweet and fresh notes that will make you feel c-l-e-a-n.

Wonderfully creamy and the smell is dynamite!  The only issue I had (if you can call it an issue) was that the pillars collected water like little pools.  Easy enough to tilt it and make sure it dries properly.  I hope this one lasts a long time in my shower.  I think I may have to hide this one just for myself.  ;)

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