Monday, January 28, 2008

Platypus Dreams - Soap #7 - Lavender Rose Cake Slice

Lavender Rose Gourmet Cake Slice

Sharon, of Platypus Dreams really outdid herself on this one.  Look at that beauty!  I am all about using pretty things, because the point of beauty is to indulge and partake in it.  I hate it when I give someone candles or soap or a scrub and they just put it in a guest bathroom or powder room and never use it.  Or never light the candles which end up being the catcher for dust particles.

Well, this one was hard for me.  I wasn't sure how to start bathing with it so I removed the rosebuds which were set in to the cake slice ever so perfectly.  Then I was left with the slice as large as my entire hand and tried rubbing the thick layer of lavender buds on me.  I saw hundreds of buds go down my drain, so I immediately stopped the exfoliating test because I was scared to clog my drain...but it did feel great on my legs (my "ever so needy of exfoliation" legs).  The scent was soft and floral, with a touch of cream.  I loved this bar (um..slice), but wasn't sure how to use it.  Maybe this one would have been better on display, because I miss the beauty it gave me everyday on my windowsill as I washed dishes.  There isn't that much that gives me delight as I scrub pot and pans.  Trust me.

Sharon, your soaps are absolutely magnificent and I believe that many readers will become inspired by your talent.  Not only are your bars and slices stunning to look at, with colors so vibrant, but the soap is so well made, had copious foaming bubbles and left me feeling clean but not dried out in any way.  It was a real joy testing every one of your soaps and I will continue using them until the very last nub dissolves.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the look of soap with herbs and lovely stuff on top. My business partner (i.e. hubby) and I have discussed the use of this many, many times... so far he is winning, but the last conversation he made a concession... maybe a new line with lovely herbs on top of the bars. We will see.

LoveMichie said...

All absolutely beautiful soaps. Love love the funky chic and raspberry turkish delight!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna,

Thankyou for reviewing my soaps, I have enjoyed reading your adventures with them. I sent soap as a thankyou for you mentioning my soap on your blog last year.

When I send soap as a thankyou, I send I am a kind of an all or nothing person and I never send just one bar...can't help it. :-)

I thought to myself this lady really likes handmade soap and just seeing pictures of it doesn't do much. She needs to smell it, feel it, touch it and experience the soap, just like my customers do.

It has been just great reading what you thought of each soap and I am so glad you liked them. I scrape/cut off the botanicals before I use the soap. I am not a fan of scratchy soap myself but I try to cater for all types of customers. Some love it, the scratchier the I have some totally awesome, crazy customers and I get some really odd requests.

Say hi and thankyou to your Mom from me. Love reading your blog...
Cheers Sharon

Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

your soaps are great works of art!