Friday, January 18, 2008

Platypus Dreams - Day 3 - Raspberry Turkish Delight

Platypus Dreams Raspberry Turkish Delight Gourmet Cake

Does soap get any more gorgeous than this?  It  was so nice to look at, that it felt a shame to use it as soap.  I thought about buying a glass cake stand with glass dome to keep it on display, but I have a duty and let me tell you!  It was a heavenly bathing experience.  The slice of fat cake was a bit unruly in the shower because of its size and shape, but the luscious raspberry chocolate scent and bubbly action made it all worth the effort.  

This is by far the most beautiful slice of soap I have ever seen.  Leave a comment here for Sharon.  Tell her what YOU think!


KaytiBear said...

it's absolutely stunning

Heidi said...

that is beautiful soap! do you know how long Sharon has been making soap? i'm also curious as to what she does to make such a sudsy bar.

thanks for telling us about your soap experiences. it is all a part of the soap learning experience for me = )

02145 said...


Anonymous said...

I was awestruck when I saw the photo of this soap - beautiful!

sherrieg said...

Wow, I can't believe how beautiful her bars are!