Sunday, January 20, 2008

Platypus Dreams - Day 4 - Spiced Jasmine

My mother is reviewing one of the Platypus Dreams soap, SPICED JASMINE.  She was so excited when I asked her to write a review.... and I think she really liked the soap.  :)

To begin with, it was so simply beautiful that I hated taking it into the shower.  It has a bumpy ridge on top that I thought would be uncomfortable, but I found out how to use it so that it didn't scratch in the beginning.  First, I lathered up the slab onto my hands, then spread the lather over me.  It generously covered me, was silky, smelled incredible and rinsed off sparkly clean.  The scent that was lasting on my skin was fresh.  There is a slight hint of something, kind of a masculine, not flowery.  This would definitely be a non gendered bar of soap.  However, I can't see a guy being too comfortable reaching for the soap in the store because it is so "pretty".  A gal would have to buy it for him as a gift.  Maybe a  more masculine look could be done for The Man  of the House.
The soap looks like sand art, with crystals that shine on top.  But as pretty as it is, it surpassed all of my shower requirements (and I am a stickler about my soaps).  It lathers up, it spreads smoothly, gently, and it leaves my skin creamy.  It feels like I have applied a very light cream to my legs and arms.  

Love this soap.  Bring it on.  Platypus Dreams rocks.  Hello to Australia.  Mom


playing with soap said...

What beautiful creations. Listen Joanna, I'm blog tagging you. Hope you have time to check out my blog for the info.

Be well,

Anonymous said...

This soap just sounds divine!

sherrieg said...

That looks delicious! Mmmmmm...