Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bulldog Soap

Bulldog. I love that name! This is not pet soap, however.

Kathy and Mark Trotter own and run their little soap company in Delaware, Ohio: Bulldog Soap. Their children had grown up and with their house quiet, decided to find a creative outlet which they both found in soap making. Lucky for me because I wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting them. :)

I was sent two very cute soaps. Their most popular scent in their collection is the Cinnamon Spice, which brought me to a warm holiday place. I also received thier Almond Joy. Both of them smell great! I have only bathed with the Almond Joy so far. After being bubbly in the shower, I pushed the soap up to my nose (as I always do...) and it smelled a little like Almond Joy and a little like marzipan, which I also LOVE the taste and smell of. Yum. The bar had cut edges instead of smoothed ones, so I had fun breaking the soap in. Wash wash wash.

The soap cleaned me nicely washed off cleanly and the smell was not overpowering, but had a nice balance of scents playfully bouncing about the shower with me. The lather was not as copious as I prefer, but lather isn't everything. I quite like Bulldog Soap.

Good for Mark and Kathy for starting this business once their children flew the coop! I find husband and wife teams so interesting as I am in that situation myself. Working, playing and loving the same person all day and night is wonderful but also has its challenges. It works for my husband and I because we are so so different in many ways: processing, critical thinking, creativity, number crunching....oh you name it, if one of us can't do it, the other one has a way. A method. An idea. Anyway.....

Cheers and thank you Kathy and Mark for the lovely soaps!!

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