Thursday, September 27, 2007

Outside In

If any soaper wants to participate, here is the info I got today from Outside In, an organization to help homeless kids in Portland. Here is the email I received:

Dear Get Product The experience of being homeless is frightening, debilitating and fraught with risks. Access to basic survival needs such as food, clothing and shelter are daily challenges. The added challenges of neglect and abuse in early childhood, medical and mental health needs and emotional trauma make a life off the street seem almost inconceivable. But if given the chance, and offered the right resources, building a sense of confidence that moves homeless youth into employment, college, stable housing and improved health occurs every day. Outside In’s mission is to address the changing needs of homeless youth and other marginalized people as they work toward self-sufficiency and improved health by providing them innovative social, medical and mental health services and material resources. The Employment & Education Program enhanced and expanded learning and employment options for 336 youth this past year. 50 youth completed an advanced Job Readiness Training curriculum, learning critical skills to obtaining and maintaining employment. 91 youth received educational services, including 22 youth attending college. Along with extensive training and support, our Employment & Education Program provides homeless youth with basic hygiene supplies. Any donation of soap or other hygiene supplies to Outside In would be sincerely appreciated. It would be great to get travel size soaps or a large piece and we can cut it for distribution. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Outside In, please contact me at 503.535.3866.


Matt Weatherly
Development & Communications Assistant


Matt Weatherly | Outside In
Development & Communications Assistant
1132 SW 13th Ave | Portland, OR 97205 Direct:503.535.3866

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Anonymous said...

Can you please consider for hygiene supplies? We sell very inexpensive hygiene and school supplies for humanitarian relief.