Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soap Dishes at Brambleberry

I bought one of these nice sized ceramic soap dishes from Brambleberry last month and now I think I'll have to get one for every sink in the house. Black, sleek, Asian style ceramic soap dishes for sale for $1.00 each! 36 for $12.00 - okay, if you plan on giving soaps away for presents or want to give a more upscale presentation to your soap giving, this is totally the way to do it. One can embellish with cute ribbon or raffia or cloth - whatever floats your boat. The dimensions are 6" long x 3" wide x 1" tall. Nice size for a good thick bar of soap.

Hurry up and order them before they run out for the holidays!

1 comment:

Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for the plug! You're totally sweet to mention the dishes. Shhhh, they were overstock from a really big 'natural' beauty company with the initials of BB.