Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ocean Spray

I was on my lanai trying to shoot a photo of Soap and Such's Ocean Spray Luxury Salt Soap, when my kitty, Dot, came over and took a deep whiff of the bar. She looks sort of Zen-like to me.

I reviewed Soap and Such's Pink Sugar Whipped soap, which was a heavenly, bubbly, confection-like shower experience. So I tried the salt bar this week. It was a nice sized bar, wrapped nicely in a simple paper wrap and the top was embedded with rock salt, which was very cool looking. The photo does not show justice to the actual impact of chunky salt, which I think is a nice topping visually. The bar looked like the ocean with its smoky blue pattern and creamy white waves. My understanding is that the only whipped soap they make is the pink sugar one, but this bar looked and felt whipped as well. It didn't have that compact soap feel. It felt airier and light and was another heavenly bar in the shower. I used the salt top as a foot scrubber and it worked so nicely as a built-in exfoliator and smoothed my callouss a bit.

I'm not sure my husband was so into the smell, but to me it was soothing. It had a mild scent of kelp and soap, but not overwhelming and definitely not fishy or seaweed-like.

I give this one another thumbs up, with affordability being a nice incentive to buy plenty from their selection of pretty soaps!

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Carrie said...

Your kitty is so cute! The bar is nice, too. Dot is such a sweet name, too!