Monday, September 24, 2007

Soap On A Stick?

French Roll Soap
Available at Vintage Weave.

This is French: A famous soap that's fastened directly to the wall in the shower for hygienic purposes. It comes with one Marseille soap (fragrance-free with pure vegetable oils which guarantees between 800 -1000 washings) and chrome holder that I guess drills right into your wall! Refills of olive soap are available as well so when your shower head looking soap runs out you don't have to screw another into the wall. Just put more soap on the chrome piece! I guess it sounds smart. No more soggy soap left in a puddle of water slime. I have to say, though, I don't know how I'd feel if I had to reach up to suds up every time I had to wash a body part. I imagine the blood rushing out of my hands when I need some bubbles. I know that I will never pay $57.00 for this invention, but it does have its merits and I applaud the inventor because no one likes soggy soap.

But there has to be a better way that won't cost almost 60 bucks to stock your shower with a bar of soap!

What do you think of it??


nikki c said...

i saw these in a couple bathrooms in restaurants in france-- a neat idea (and they smelled nice) but it *was* a little oogy thinking about everyone else who'd used it before me ... ;)

tracey said...

That's just too funky for me. Not sure I'd like to be bumping into my soap while trying to shower.

Nikki, really? Public restrooms? Can we say euw!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Public restrooms? Yeah- ick!

playing with soap said...

I would never consider using this soap in a public restroom--yuck.

When it comes to spending that amount of money, believe it or not, there are some people out there that as long as it is the new "it thing", they'll shell out the money without a thought.

But still an interesting concept.

Happy Bubbles,

SudsMuffin said...

I think it's kind of neat. Expensive neat but neat anyhow. :) I wouldn't have a problem using a publicly used bar soap either, after all, bar soap is the ultimate self-cleaning item, so to speak. ;)