Saturday, July 25, 2009

Haus of Gloi

I stumbled on this Etsy artist with this one photo that caught my eye:

The Lavender Sugar soap

...which as you know isn't my scent at all. Not a lavender girl. But the look of that soap made me swoon. Then I started to browse the rest of the shop, and saw the other soap and bath beauties. So creatively designed, nicely photographed and uniquely packaged.

Haus of Gloi? HOUSE OF JOY! I had so much fun jumping from one product to another. I was like a child in a candy shop!

Absinthe soap

Moon Dog coconut -spices-sandalwood

Honey Tree
honey-woods-black vanilla-coconut milk

sugared almond-hot black tea-orange cake (loving the crackle!)

Satyr blood orange-black vanilla-charcoal (looks edible, mmmm)

Bathing Dust. Shea Butter Salts

So after tripping over all of these great photos of product I realize I have been following Britton for months now on Twitter and didn't realize this was her until just this second. Funny. I found her on my own because of the beauty of her work. Not just because she's marketed herself.

According to the profile on her Etsy shop, Britton lost her job a little while ago and and is trying to make soap making a full time gig and loves what she does. To me, that's apparent. Her work is lovely, unique, beautiful to look at. Having one's own business is hard work and needs constant perserverence, but I love that she has gumption and the drive! Now the talent.

You can check out her blog here to follow what she's up to now and definitely visit her Etsy shop.

Impressive line up.

Who's the culprit?



FuturePrimitive said...

i don't know how you do it...i put them in my faves on etsy the other day! just gorgeous, gorgeous soaps aren't they. love the photos and the backgrounds and the paper and the wax seal. perfection. you have ace taste!

Kim said...

Mmmmmmmm ... Me likey these soaps!

Soapylove said...

I love GloiLocks too! I featured her packaging in Let's Get Soapy (June) and wrote about her line on my Soap Lab blog. I find her soaps, photos, names, and packaging super inspiring. I'm sure she will go as far as her heart desires!

innerearthsoaps said...

Beautiful soaps. Great photgraphy too, very clean and simple.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

great ones! that lavender one caught my eye as well :)

Princess Kim said...


I love your blog; I'm always finding out about cool soaps and their creators here!

Although I'm not affiliated with either group, I was thinking that you might want to check out Clean The World ( ) and perhaps send the remnants of your used bar soaps to them via Central Care Mission. I'm a big fan of fun bath products, but any that don't suit my fancy, or the last bits of the soap bars, get sent to them to help prevent disease and death in Third World Countries.

Central Care Mission
4027 Lennox Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32811

Thanks, and have a great day!