Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coconut Vanilla With A Creamy Dollup On Top

Made you look. =)

You don't have to tell me I don't make any sense. I already know.

Oh, a vanilla dollup.....dreamy..... and coconut, yummmmmmm. So being that we are on the subject of my favorite things...

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (but strangely, I have never received a case of the glorious cuppies from Hershey's Co. even though I have plugged their candy on numerous occasions. I question their loyalty, really)
2. Mounds candy. I know, I don't talk about them much, but I do love the dark chocolate coconut thing.
3. Steamed lobster with clarified butter (haven't had that in like 5 years)
4. Fresh, phenomenal sushi (haven't had that since I lived in NYC.)

Hmmm. Are you seeing a pattern? f o o d. . . ? It's a wonder I'm not huge.

But you ask me what is floating my boat right now? The idea of a coconut vanilla bar of soap with real smelling coconut. That's what I want in my shower. I have 5 other bars in there, but none of them are hitting that mark. So today, I am on the lookout for coconut vanilla art.

vanilla coconut made with real vanilla and coconut milk by DeShawnMarie

vanilla bean coconut milk soap by SoapStore
6 oz! Yowza

coconut cream pie with shea butter by Soap Deli
(scent coconut, vanilla and graham crackers)

coconut vanilla by plantlife

So, this is the first time I didn't have a PLETHORA of soaps to choose from. Strange... Surprise surprise. These were the standouts of the "bunch" but DeShawn Marie takes the cake with popularity on the web - - this soap is all over the web. Must smell pretty good.

And then I will continue...***sniff*** to search out true coconut..... and maybe one of you will help me discover it.


Soap reviews to resume again shortly. I have been on review vacation. Thanks for understanding.


Erica said...

You know, I searched and searched for information on making a natural soap that smells like coconut. From forums to suppliers, I was told that the coconut scent in the milks, oils, and even the fruit of the coconut, would not survive the saponification process, and I would have to use an FO to achieve that scent. But using the vanilla makes sense because coconut does have a creamy scent. I'm gonna have to try one of these soaps and see if it really does smell like coconut without an FO. In the meantime, I got an FO to make coconut scented soap for my uncle. It smells like suntan lotion. :-)

innerearthsoaps said...

I love coconut scents but damned if I can find a decent one that sticks well in CP without fading or morphing. I have a Coconut Lime Verbena scent ready to try out soon though, so fingers crossed!

steam showers said...

These sound dreamy!

I just love coconut fragrances.

I would love to try any of these especially the coconut cream pie!

Anonymous said...

I die for or scent. My fav coconut scent currently is not actually advertised as coconut: it's your Sweet Vanilla Mango. One of the bottom/last notes on the cream is yummy coconut.

kat said...


That first one is S O gorgeous!

Amina said...

I loove deshawn marie soaps!!!
LOOOVE your blog!!!!
I am such a soap addict too!

DeShawn Marie said...

Stumbled across this old post of yours today. Thank you so much for featuring my Vanilla Coconut soap. It's still one of my top sellers and I've been making it almost 20 yrs. I really appreciate the shout out and support XOXO, DeShawn