Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Finds

Ooooo, lookie what I found over at Artfire and Etsy!!! Some sugar goodness for you to drool over. I find it is better to bathe with sugar than to eat it. And it is WAY better for your skin!!

Blueberry cobbler brown sugar scrub in a bar with blueberry yogurt $4, by BubblesUpByBethieB

Whipped spiced carrot cake streusel cold process soap $4.50,
by Pegasus Soaps

Sweet pink sugar bird soap (aw!) $4,
by LoveLeeSoaps

Lemon sugar cake $4, by Adoration

Num num.



FuturePrimitive said...

num num indeed..
god, they really do make you want to sink you gnashers in don't they!

kat said...

I find desserty soaps and scrubs satisfy my sweet tooth in an odd sort of way that curbs my cravings for the real thing. Some peeps aren't into slathering (soap)cake on in the shower, but I totally am.

Kim said...

As we say in Massachusetts: Wicked Cute!

innerearthsoaps said...

Oh yum! I love foody soaps. The lemon sugar cake one sounds divine.