Sunday, April 19, 2009

ArtFire Soap Dope

Artfire has been ignored, at least by me, and it deserves some attention. The concept of Artfire is similar to Etsy in that it's a marketplace for handcrafters to sell their wares except Artfire is a bit different. I am so glad I cleared THAT up! I share such a sea of information, I know you are so NOT in the dark anymore. hehe

I offer you some sacred Sunday soap dope from select Artfire sellers. That's close to she sells seashells by the seashore. If you can say all that without stumbling, I commend you and if you were sitting here, I'd probably make you say it faster and faster.

Enjoy the art.

tomato leaf soap by future primitive

clean n' fresh soap for men (citrus basil) by surfhound soap company

jumbo set of goat's milk soap by AnnsBazaar

mimosa by sagegold

bad boy - shea and cocoa butter soap.......and.......

cole - shea and cocoa butter cold process soap with activated charcoal

both by kbshimmer

shoreline soap (either this was an accident or she is brilliant beyond her years) .....and.....

blue sugar square soap
this one is gorgeous! Can you say moo moo a moo moo moo?

both by sudstress

I know I had fun!! :O)


kat said...

WOO! Thanks for bloggin' my soapies! I created shoreline with my boyfriend and actually did plan to make the soap that way. It took many calculations ;) I'm out of blue sugar (shoulda called it blue moo moo) but am making more today, wheeeeeee!

Bad Boy is one of my favorite looking soapies ever. It completely blows my mind. KBshimmer is awesome.

Soap Scent-sations said...

NOM, NOM...fabby soaps! Sudstress, that shoreline is absolutely gorgeous!

FuturePrimitive said...

Wow, Joanna thank you so much!
I can't belive you featured my soaps..they look so humble against Kats! Damn that Kat!
BTW, I just closed my Artfire shop and opened up a Misi's UK based so makes more sense I guess.
thank you again, you're ace!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

love the blue sugar one!
could also be that I totally love taht scent :P

Anonymous said...

I saw Artfire somewhere else and had been wondering about them. Thanks for show-casing all this loveliness!

Ten Digit Creations said...

Thanks for the plug for Etsy and sponsoring two of our team members, KBShimmer and Sudstress! Go Safe Team!!!

Body Natural Soap said...

Really love Mimosa. That has to take planning.

Kim said...

These soaps are seriously gorgeous!

sherrieg said...

That Mimosa soap is BEAUTIFUL!

Sagegold Soaps said...

What a lovely surprise to find my Mimosa soap in your blog with all of these beautiful works of soapy art! Thank you, and what fantastic work you all do!