Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stamping Impact

I have this soap blog and have been sent soaps to try from all over the place. Some of the soaps have been wrapped with great care and some........ well... not so much. Let's just say, soaps wrapped loosely, then mailed, sometimes do not always stay married to their fellow wrapper. I wish I could say that my house is full of closets with shelves that I could store all these gorgeous soaps I receive, but, I do not. I live in a modest house with little storage other than the hot garage and unfortunately my garage gets to about 200 degrees in the Summer.I'd have to say that's right out for safe soap storage.

So, I keep the batches of soaps together on spare shelves, in large bowls and in drawers all in my nice, cool bedroom. Two of the soaps (out of all the ones I've received) have lost their wrappers. This makes me extremely sad today, especially because I am pretty much in LOVE with a soap I opened and started using this morning. I have come to realize that stamping your company name or logo into each soap bar is super critical and has two important outcomes for you and your soap company and for me as a reviewer and for the customer without a doubt. Everyone wins because what is accomplished? Company recognition.

1. If the wrapper becomes lost, the soap is still represented by you.
2. If the soap is taken into the shower, no matter who uses the shower for the next few days, the soap is recognizable to everyone bathing. Hey, silent advertising is awesome!

Here are 3 examples of beautiful soaps with stamps:

Intentions on Etsy

Magic Hands on Etsy (logo stamped)

Hello Bath + Body

Do you stamp your soaps? If you do, will you share your beauty with us??


robiewankenobie said...

well, if storage is too much of a problem you could always find people willing to help you with reviews...*wink*

FuturePrimitive said...

Hi Joanna
I stamp my soaps! I agree, it makes a huge difference and whilst it makes your small business more recognised, it looks a lot more professional too.
Those Intention soaps look absolutely the toppings!

Marie-Bo said...

Wow! This is amazingly beautiful! I love this stamp idea :)
Do you know where is it possible to find soap-stamps?

Carmen Rose said...

These examples really are beautiful. I should give this some thought, I assume that it's a fairly easy thing to do and you are right, it looks SO cool!

Amber said...

I haven't started stamping yet, but I am intending to. I have a jewelry-making/metal-working friend who is going to make some stamps for me on the good old barter system, so I will report back. ;)

Body Natural Soap said...

I love the stamping Idea. I made a couple using polymer clay. But I didn't like exactly how they turned out.

kat said...

I stamp some soaps. It can take a cute soap to the next level. I have been thinking about getting my new logo turned into a stamp. I looooooove those Intentions soaps. Just gorgeous.

For those looking for custom stamps, here's a link:

I also do personalized soaps, usually for gift sets:

The Bath Project said...

I love how stamped soaps look! I got a stamp last year but haven't played with it, after reading this, I think its time to break it out =o)

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh. I want my soap to look like that top one!