Thursday, April 16, 2009

DIY Gift Basket :: Twig + Thistle

I visited the Twig + Thistle blog and found this oh-so-cute DIY gift basket which looks so teeth aching sweet as an Easter basket filled with handmade marshmallow PEEPS (oh yeah, really)
and a handcrafted bunny.

How can Kathleen (of Twig + Thistle) be so good at so many things? And the Peeps? They are so much nicer than the originals!

But if you look passed the niceness of the holiday swag, you might see that this gift basket could be a great way to present your soaps or whatever handmade goodies you make. There are an endless sea of neat design fabrics that you can use, patterns and adornments that can be added to make these baskets part of any gift giving set.

There is a whole process in making them and you need an exacto knife and tape and other stuff and you need to be able to follow instructions (just a heads up), but Kathleen makes the process a breeze because she even has a button for you to press so you can download a template! Easy peezy, lemon squeezy. So here are some photos I snatched, with permission of course, to give you a sense of the steps, but you need to visit her blog to get the whole step by step instructions. It's WAY cool and if I find myself alone with an exacto knife for more than 10 minutes, I might be able to swing this project.


lcr soap said...

What a really neat idea, definitely one to try, thank you.

Teresa said...

That is totally brilliant! And I could make that with the millions of yards of scrap fabric I have too. Ooooh...thanks, Jo and Kathleen!

(We love our homemade marshmallows, but never thought to do them in cute shapes. How neat!)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I love the soap dope...what a "fix"! What is it that drives us with the soap?! I think it is an addiction. A good one!

And the box is wonderful!

Michelle said...

I'm going to give this one a try!!

Joanna said...

I would love to see pictures if anyone does try it. I am kind of crafty-impaired, so I'd love to see others share so I can vicariously through you all. ;)

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