Monday, July 21, 2008

Naked Lady Sea Sprite

Naked Lady was the first company that sent me soaps to review on this blog. Yes, my first review here. I reviewed their Fuzzy Navel (mmm) - loved it!

Today, I am reviewing their Sea Sprite Deep Cleansing ~ Dead Sea Soap.

The mother-daughter team has shared again with me. Well. All along, this was the bar I wanted to try because of the salt. Since my initial introduction to the handmade soap world, I have learned quite a bit about salt soap. Recently, I posted the salt soap tutorial and pictures of my Sexy Laundry Day Salt Soap. It all flows naturally into a review for Sea Sprite.

Again, with salt and mud, I feel very wholesome and natural bathing with it. The color is a muddy olive green which I like very much and the lather is delightful. The bubbles grew rapidly and gave me a nice leg shave.

I have used so many all natural soaps, that essential oils are starting to smell somewhat similar... antiseptic and planty. I can't put my finger on the scent in this bar, but I think it has tea tree perhaps and a touch of rosemary? I looked on their site and on the box, but there is no description of the essential oils used. I think Naked Lady Soaps are superior , well thought out and well made.

Thank you Naked Ladies!


Heidi said...

This is very interesting. I've been wanting to make dead sea salt soap, but was told on one of the forums that you can't use dead sea salt in soap because it isn't really soap. I'm curious as to how they got around that, or if its really true.

I'm so tempted to go buy everybodies mud bars after reading about them...but I suppose thats the idea, right ;-)

Traumschaumseife said...

Ich liebe Salzseifen! Bisher hatte ich immer nur in Einzelformen gegossen, aber nun werde ich mal versuchen, sie in Blöcke zu giessen und zu schneiden!

Liebe Grüße aus Göttingen (Deutschland),