Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alkali Soap

Mary and Jon are the husband and wife soap team that makes up Alkali Soap. They sent me two lovely soaps to try. Unfortunately, the first package they sent me arrived ripped open and empty. EMPTY!?? I was crushed. Luckily, Mary packed two more and shipped it out to me so I wouldn't start crying. Mary is such a lovely woman.

The blue is called Sonnet and the creamy swirly disc one below it is called Flutter.

Sonnet: ("A beautifully top-swirled bar is a blend of rose, amber, peony, and mandarin.") The best way for me to describe it in layman's terms is: fresh and clean and soapy good. Very very pretty scent.

Flutter: ("Smells like a spring bouquet of flowers - very fresh and lady-like, but not old ladyish/perfumey at all!") Excellent description.

Jon is a professional perfumer (is that the correct term?). I can tell. The scents of both soaps have nice soft blends that are definitely not sloshed together clumsily. Unfortunately, I am not so nasally discriminate because the two bars smelled similar in that they have a clean/floral/clean/fresh/clean scent to them.

The bad news is that I haven't been able to get in touch with them and their Etsy shop is empty of all soap and their blog called Kicking Dirt's Ass One Soap At A Time hasn't been updated since May 15th. Perhaps they are on hiatus.
Hopefully all is well with them.

I urge you to periodically visit their Etsy shop, because their bars of soap are truly works of art and they gave me much pleasure in the shower. Lather was copious, the scent was mild and not overpowering and the beauty...! Wow.

So there you have it. A soap review that you can't do anything with. I tried to hold off, but the soaps deserved the attention and I can always review more when they return if they'd like me to.

I take my hat off to them!



Heidi said...

I've been wondering what's happened to them too. Its a bit stalkerish, but who can resist looking at those beauties.

egassner said...

Lol...I've been the same way....watching their blog...peeking at their *sniff* empty Etsy Shop

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Kim said...

Very funky soaps!

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

what luxurious soaps they all look so yum!

Chelsea said...

Everything they make is just gorgeous! More art than soap.