Tuesday, July 15, 2008

White Lye Soap


Charlene, of White Lye was kind enough to send me a couple of her hardy bars to test. They were wrapped beautifully!! The bars were wrapped in heat sealed plastic and then wrapped with a band. High quality paper with gorgeous designs.

White Lye Whipped Pomegranate
It had a sweet pomegranate scent, with notes of berries and sugar. Definately not overpowering in scent. I have noticed that no matter where I go, pomegranate scented items, soap, bath powder, candles, etc, all are overpowering and makes my eyes sting. I love candles and I love the scent throw to be full bodied, but when a musky pomegranate starts taking over the living room, the candle meets my closet in unlit form, for life. OK. Back to soap. The Whipped soap wasn't quite as I expected. It wasn't whipped like Gudonya, which was fluffy looking- almost like solid mousse, but Char's bar has a lovely smoothness (as you can see) that I quite like along with the calming color.

Char's bar came into the shower with me and lathered up instantly. No need to rub anymore than one-two-three - shazaaaaam! Bubbles galore! That is a nice treat because sometimes a first timer in the shower can take four-five or six rubs before the bubbles lather nicely. Then of course, it continued. I put the soap down and continued to rub my leg with the lather and the lather practically doubled. This worked great for my shaving with über bubbles for super glide on the razor.

I am glad this wasn't a very whipped bar of soap. The last whipped soap I had didn't last very long. Five or six showers. This puppy is going and going! Five showers had, way more than five left. Way more.

Whipped Pomegranate-wrapped


Char's Bar #2: Dead Sea Mud - Detoxing Scrub Soap (sneak peek)

MMmmm, mud-dy....

ps: She not only has the Etsy Shop, she has her own beautiful website!


Heather@Twin Birch said...

That Dead Sea Mud soap is so intriguing! I am right in the middle of experimenting with salt bars. The texture of that soap looks just about perfect to me! You always find the pretty soaps, Joanna! ;)

Angie said...

Her whipped soaps look amazing!

White Lye Soap Co. said...

Thanks so much for featuring me! I'm so lucky!! Many Thanks to Joanna! XOXO Char

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

This soap is simply beautiful! I love the packaging, & I'm sure you are enjoying the soaps!

Traumschaumseife said...

Die Seifen sehen toll aus!Überhaupt ist dein blog sehr interessant.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland,

Leslie said...

mm.that soap looks like strawbetty fudge! ! Love the new profile Pic!LOL
I love love silly people that dont take themselves too seriously!!

White Lye Soap Co. said...

Maybe it would be good to mention this deal I have going on in my Etsy Shop from today until August 17.

It's a good starter for those who haven't tried before!

From July 17 until August 17 shipping on BAR SOAP is $2 for your entire order for customers in US, Canada, & Mexico! Shipping outside of these areas receive a discount from normal shipping prices (see individual bar soap listings for discounts posted).

That's right, order as many bar soaps you'd like and the shipping is $2 for your entire order. If you'd like to purchase another item with you bar soap order that shipping rate will apply and the bar soap order will be shipped with it free!