Thursday, July 17, 2008

Muddy Waters + White Lyes

Muddy detail (Char's pic)

My last post was about one of the soaps that Char of White Lye Handmade Soaps sent me: Whipped Pomegranate. Today the bar up for review is Dead Sea Mud Soap (aka "Muddy"). Unscented and uncolored, I really enjoyed my mud bar. A fat boy! Look at my hand and how nice that fatso is.

I have tried mud bars before, and barely felt the slip under my razor. I've read all the claims about mud and how great it is for your skin, but mud or clay in a soap never really delivered the goods in my opinion. Very pretty to look at but I didn't FEEL the difference that much. Almost lost it along the way.

Oh Muddy, Mud... how I love you! How have I been washing all these years and not found you, 'ole Mud Mud? I have showered with it and used it to wash my hands. There is a real sense of clean. I feel like it tightens the skin, but not in a drying way. More of a firming feeling. If this bar actually tightens my buns, I will give Char my car.

Poolside with Muddy

There are great benefits that Dead Sea Mud possesses according to several sources. Ask anybody!

On White Lye's website, they are listed: - Improving blood circulation. - Assist in natural skin generation. - Fine grains remove impurities, toxins, dead skin, dirt. - Treat skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, itchy skin. - Moisturize your skin and promotes natural hydration. - Aid arthritis, muscle stiffness and aches, and rheumatism.

So not only is it great for our skin, but it feels great while your sudsing and feels great once you've dried off and slipped into jammies.

White Lye's packaging


Heidi said...

That's it, I have got to find some dead sea mud!

When we visited the dead sea we found pockets of mud in the sand. I covered myself from head to toe and left it on for an hour. My skin was as soft as a babies butt for weeks.

The only mud bar I've used was Ahava's d.s. mud soap. I bet handmade mud bars are even better.... I'm a little jealous you have that whole bar = )

egassner said...

That IS a fat boy! I think I saw some mud on a supplies site....humm. I wonder how to incorporate it into soap.
And if it can tighten my buns too, she can have my 1st born! LOL

Heather@Twin Birch said...

hey! who's tightening their buns without me?! Count me in and call me Muddy Buns!

Kim said...

I sooo want to try a bar like this. It's on my (growing) list.