Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The photo for her profile reminds me a little of the movie "Saw", doesn't it? :)

I have been enjoying a blog written by a German soaper for months now and really enjoy It. Her handle is macsoapy, but her name is Gabriele Kappes and I quite admire her. If I could understand German, I would be very happy to know more about her and the soap she makes, but can only attempt to understand based on the pictures in her blog and when I make out a few words, such as ├╝ber, das and seife which I think means soap or something close to it. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to languages. I never could pick up much Spanish even after 5 years in school taking Spanish as a concentration. My brain just doesn't work in those terms. I suppose I am more of the creative type. A visual person. I think that's why I excelled in Sign Language after college. In any case, I recently "read" einfachseife blog (macsoapy's blog) and found these great patterns for soap wraps. There is a little English on her blog so I know it states that you could download the patterns and use them for free! I think they are adorable and will solve some packaging wishy washiness. I think they are wonderful and would make great gifts. To see the other patterns and to brush up on your German, go read her post: Neue Seifenbanderolen zum Download. Also, if you haven't checked out her blog, do so. I love to see the things she shares. She co-writes which is about soapmaking, soap packaging, recipes, tutorials and more AND she has her own website that shows off her beautiful soaps here.


macsoapy said...

Hello Joanna.
Thank you for your nice words. It's satisfying to see that my readers come from around the globe.
Did you know that I am seriously planning sending you a bar of soap. In a few months I will make a special winter soap (Fruits in snow). This will be shipped to Florida.
And I am a big fan of your blogs since several weeks!!!!!!!

Best wishes

Angie said...

Those felted soaps that look like purses are adorable! Well, I'm guessing that's what they are since I don't read German either:)

macsoapy said...

Yes, it's felted soap. (In German language: Filzseife)

Heidi said...

I love her blog!!! I kick myself over and over again that I didn't have my grandfather teach me German. His parents came from Germany and he spoke it fluently until the day he died.

I love your soap Macsoapy!! = )

Eat Well (was Teresa R) said...

Neat! I can't tackle German right now (we're immersed in French, Mandarin, and Spanish and my brain will explode if I try one more language), but it looks like a terrific blog.

Spirit´s Soap Art said...

here you can see more felted soaps