Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yicky Soap

Went back up to Orlando for some crazy two day excursion with the family and had the worst time with the soap provided at the hotel.  I still haven't learned my lesson with toiletries and traveling.  I always bring way too many Q-tips, makeup items and underwear, but stuff like soap, shampoo and conditioner, I always skip taking it to reduce the amount of bulk in the suitcase.  You know, I have seen those tiny trial sized shampoos, conditioners, baby powder....etc at the drug store, but never really need them when I notice them.  Packing a full sized shampoo seems overkill and such a nightmarish potential mess I'd like to completely avoid when I travel.  Or ever for that matter.  

Ok.  SO the soap was round and white, of course.  No personality like the ones I've been reviewing.  (Now I know how lucky I am to have such gorgeous and effective bars in my home!)  It wasn't just the looks.  This soap has caused me to be itchy from the knee down to my feet.  Some of you may know, but my lower legs have issues with many things.  The cold and dryness causes severe itching, which results in me scratching like crazy, then the welts begin to swell and become more itchy, and so on.  My day old stubble does the same thing.  This is why I absolutely MUST shave my legs every day until my laser treatments for my legs actually begin eliminating all the hair.  Yes, it is that bad.

The soap did the same thing!  My legs have been itchy since I showered at the hotel on Sunday night.  Since I've been home, my Shea Butter and Mama Bomb are the only things giving me some relief from the itchiness.  

I am a huge supporter of handmade soap, if you haven't gotten that from reading this blog.  I urge you to suggest to your hotel the next time you stay at one, to take the next step and supply handmade small bars.  What a difference to use a bar with shea butter or cocoa butter when you are feeling dry!  And how nice is it to use a bar that isn't drying?

Hard Rock claims to be Earth friendly - so why use detergent soap?  Yick! 

Don't forget to travel with a bit of soap and some travel shampoo.  Red legs and frizzy hair.  Bad combo for any human.  I'll go through the photos soon and see if I can share any bad hair ones with you... :)  I'm sure there are plenty!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

So Hotels have a "dirty" little secret...their free soap samples. Ha!

Next time just cut any handmade bar in half, stick in a ziplock bag...and off you go to come back home redless, & itchless (is that even a word?)...

I hope you had a wonderful trip! It's wonderful to get away for a bit.

Anonymous said...

i like carrie-gigi's idea. Never thought to do that. Thanks C-G.. DDL

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea for bringing the good soap along while traveling, carrie~gigi.

Hope your itching goes away soon, Joanna!

Michelle said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who had trouble with their lower legs. Just below my knees, always a problem of dry and itchy. Those hotel soaps would give me a horrible rash. They are terrible. I don't know why hotel owners insist on punishing their customers with that stuff.