Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Elizabeth is the blog owner/author of the very interesting and informative blog that I read every week: Hot Process Soap Notes By gracefruit. She lives in rural Scotland and is a hot process soapmaker. Almost every photo she takes reminds me of a peaceful place.

I came across these photos on her blog of her beautiful soap blocks with gorgeous embeds and needed to share them with you. Gracefully, Elizabeth agreed that I could share her photos. Please click on them for a bigger, closer look!

These soaps were made with offcuts and embeds. The one on the left is scented with rose, and the one of the right is amberwood. I absolutely love the blue-green colors she used in the amberwood block.

gracefruit: I would love to share a hot process tutorial with photos if you'd like to make one!


Anonymous said...

You know, prior to last year, if you'd asked me whether I thought soap could be art, I'd laugh at you, but after finding your blogs (and Anne-Marie's blog) and seeing all your discoveries, I now know otherwise. Soaps are, indeed, works of art, and even better, they are useful works of art!

gracefruit said...

Hi Joanna,

Thank you so much for the lovely write up. And please feel free to use the tutorial!

Elizabeth x

josephine P. said...

Those bricks are stunning!!!!