Friday, December 7, 2007

Yummiest Handmade Soap Contest - UPDATE!

Due to the holiday season with all of you soaping fanatics out there trying to fill orders, Crystal and I decided to extend the soap contest until February 6th.  This will allow you to have the holidays, kick back, and start formulating again shortly after your family goes back to where they came from.  

Over four weeks later (time to cure) the deadline will come.  All entries must be received by February 6th and the winners will be announced on the lovely Valentine's Day holiday.

Please feel free to email Crystal at or me at

To check out the whole contest including the general rules, go see the original post.

We hope you take this opportunity to try new things or whip up some old favorites.


Anne-Marie said...

Great! I might actually get around to submitting something then.

Remind me again, how many times can I enter? I have some super cute soaps right now that I've made - Kumquat soap rolls and some delicious Champagne CP double swirled soap - that would be perfect entries.

Joanna Schmidt said...

You can enter one million times! :) Each entry requires two bars of the same soap so that Crystal and I each test the soaps from each entrant. Can't wait! I have been curious to try one of your cp soaps, Anne-Marie...

Anonymous said...
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